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Opportunities Unlimited is hiring now with part-time and full-time availability. Work with us as we provide supports around community inclusion and activities of daily living as well as individualized job placement and long term job coaching services.

Available Positions

Direct Support Professional

Our Direct Support Professionals provide one-on-one supports for adults with developmental disabilities. We  help client get out in the community and meet new friends, socialize, develop social skills, and skills around budgeting, cooking, cleaning, safety in the community, and at home.

Employment Coach

Our Employment Coaches help our clients to learn all aspects of their job, become integrated within their work and with their coworkers and managers, we help our clients learn how to clock in and out, how to get to and from work, how to dress appropriately for work. We also work to develop interpersonal relationships at work and to ensure long-term natural relationships. 

Job Developer

 Our Job Developers help clients find local and integrated employment within their community.  We help our clients fill out applications, write resumes and cover letters, mock interviews, schedule and attend interviews.

Meet The Team

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