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Q3 2022

Mod PIzza Award.jpg

In our time securing job placement and working with our client at Olive Garden, it has been impressive how inclusive the management and co-workers are. The management and team members at Olive Garden are patient, friendly, and very helpful. Many team members go out of their way to help our client when he needs it. Management is communicative, approachable, demonstrates a positive attitude, and is very appreciative that Opportunities Unlimited is there to help our client along his employment journey.

Olive Garden

Q2 2022

Mod PIzza Award.jpg

Furniture Connexion provides a safe environment for employees to succeed. They integrate members of the community from all backgrounds and thrive off diversity. Their communication with employees is excellent and never critical. They applaud hard work, and offer feedback and guidance as needed. Most importantly, they treat their employees as humans and understand their needs as individuals. Opportunities Unlimited is honored to work alongside Furniture Connexion!

Furniture Connexion

Q1 2022

Mod PIzza Award.jpg

Thank you to all the MOD Pizza staff at the Cedar Hills location for your exemplary partnership working with Opportunities Unlimited, LLC. 

This award recognizes businesses in the community and their commitment in working with employees of all abilities. We hold the Cedar Hills Mod Pizza in high esteem and look forward to future successes and continued collaboration. We share our enthusiasm for Mod Pizza with our families, friends, and neighbors.

MOD Pizza

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