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Kelly Payne


In 1998, Kelly obtained her Associate of Science Degree, with a specialization in commercial aviation. At the young age of 19, she earned her private pilot's license. However, her true passion was discovered in 2006 when she began working with foster children. Through this experience, she found joy in assisting others in achieving their goals and leading fulfilling lives, which eventually led her to work with the developmentally disabled community.

In 2008, Kelly commenced her work with clients and local area Brokerages, providing one-on-one support to help them explore their community, build new friendships, secure integrated employment, and enhance their overall independence. Due to the high demand for qualified providers, Kelly made the decision to expand her endeavors. Thus, in 2013, she founded Opportunities Unlimited, a state-certified Medicaid Agency.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Kelly finds delight in a multitude of activities. Her interests span from hiking, camping, kayaking, and flying airplanes to more adventurous pursuits like ziplining and skydiving. She also enjoys nurturing her green thumb through gardening, exploring new places while traveling, and experiencing diverse cuisines. Moreover, Kelly actively contributes to her community by volunteering at local animal shelters and homeless shelters. Her most cherished moments, however, revolve around spending quality time with her two sons, six chickens, and her beloved dog, Dexter.

Chris Vergnaud

Director of Supported Employment Services

Chris joined our OU team in 2022 and brought many years of experience and expertise in coaching, mentoring, and leadership. In September of 2022, Chris became the Director of Supported Employment and has continued to lead the SE team to new achievements.

He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Florida Gulf Coast University and a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from the American College of Education.

Chris has spent his entire career mentoring students, athletes, and adults on all levels ranging from high school to college. He is passionate about helping others reach and sustain their lifelong goals through guided mentoring and leadership.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys the outdoors, spending time on the water, and exploring new hidden gems in the Pacific Northwest. He loves to cook, travel, spend time with friends, and engage in all aspects of sports. In addition, he is a proud fur dad to his 1 1/2 year old, Boston Terrier mix, named Levi.

Peggy Horne

Human Resources Director & Direct Support Professional

Peggy is a retired foster mom and has a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness, a Master of Science in Health Education, and is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist.

After working in the corporate scene for a few years, she left to do what she loves, helping people. Peggy has worked as a Professional Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner since 2018 and loves helping people find their path to success.

She lives in Beaverton with her husband and youngest son and enjoys time with her other five children and grandchildren.

Her hobbies include traveling to naturally beautiful places, growing medicinal plants, and playing board games with friends and family. Her dream is to open a wellness center in a secluded area in Montana to help people find peace and wellbeing.

Spencer Payne

Technical Support Specialist

Spencer began work at Opportunities Unlimited in 2019 as an Office Assistant. He is motivated and always aims to outperform his previous best, constantly raising the standard for workplace etiquette and efficiency. He is currently preforming technical service for Opportunities Unlimited by maintaining and improving the technical infrastructure we are built upon. Spencer is also a student at Clark College, he will graduate with an Associates Degree in June of 2023.

In his free time, Spencer is a hard worker and is always looking for new ways to help others. He enjoys spending his time reading and educating himself on current social and economical phenomena. Spencer's hobbies include chemistry, psychology, digital art, and modern technology.

Gia Gilmour

Job Developer/ Employment Coach

Gia has worked for Opportunities Unlimited as a Community Support Specialist since 2015. She holds an Associate of Science Degree from Portland Community College, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health Education at Portland State University. She lives in Beaverton with her husband of 20 years. She has two daughters, two granddaughters, and two dogs. She also has a son who is a medical assistant, which he learned in the Navy.

Gia’s interests include photography, health education, movies, music, cooking, learning new skills/activities with customers, and exploring Portland and the surrounding areas.

Jasmine Gomez

Direct Support Professional

Jasmine has worked in the DD community for over 5 years in Corvallis! She has a passion for spending time outdoors and playing different sports. Additionally, through this passion she has volunteered as a coach for the Special Olympics. She has coached, softball, and volleyball for 4 years.

Some of her other interests include hiking, fishing, and concerts.

Virginia Quinn

Direct Support Professional

A native New Yorker with an Associates degree in Fashion Buying and Merchandising, Virginia found herself with a desire to transition from a corporate setting to a humanitarian position through serving others.

As an Educational Assistant working in Life Skills enrichment programs in the public school systems, she had the opportunity to integrate her art background by implementing fun and creative art workshops.

Virginia's passion is to see others thrive, succeed and to motivate and inspire each other; she feels this is most essential in life.

She enjoys jewelry designing, painting, music, traveling, nature and spending time with friends and family.

Charlene Sanders

Direct Support Professional

With a career spanning more than two decades, Charlene possesses extensive expertise in the realm of caregiving.

Her leisure pursuits encompass quality family moments, bowling, dancing, singing, and forging connections with unfamiliar faces.

Charlene takes pleasure in collaborating with our clients, aiding them in their journey toward achieving their aspirations.

Darlene Scott

Direct Support Professional

A dedicated and experienced support professional, Darlene provides individualized services to her customers, treating each with kindness, dignity, and respect. Her training in Ukeru aids customers who have endured trauma by teaching them vital coping skills and relaxation techniques. Darlene enjoys reading, hiking, puzzles, cooking, learning new things and going on adventures.

Melanie Williams

Job Developer/ Employment Coach

Melanie joined the team at Opportunities Unlimited in 2022.
After several years of working as a Business Development Executive she decided to make a change and follow her earlier career dreams of working as a coach helping others to achieve their own goals and support them in building a more fulfilling life through having successful work experiences. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in
Psychology from the University of Utah. She has enjoyed doing volunteer work with teens and single moms as a life skills coach over the years.
She loves social dancing, particularly Salsa, Bachata, West Coast Swing, and the Waltz.
Melanie loves road trips, hiking and soaking in hot springs.

Debra Selleck

Direct Support Professional

I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology and have been a social worker in one capacity or another for 31 years!
I love doing landscape photography and taking road trips. I have two adult children living in Portland.

Bianca Cohen

Job Developer/ Employment Coach

Bianca joined the OU team in March 2024. She has a Masters in Special Education from Portland State University. Prior to her start at OU she worked a s a special education teacher and as an employment specialist in corporate recruiting.

Bianca is dedicated to connecting individuals with disabilities with their individualized vision of success. Whether it is supporting others at work, advocating in the disability community, or coaching businesses, she centers self determination as the priority of her work. She is guided by her joy of learning, perseverance and compassion for others. When Bianca isn't working she likes to read, drink coffee, and hang out with her pets (a dog named Dexter and a bunny named Pumpkin).

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