Meet Our Team

Kelly Payne, CEO/Director

Kelly earned her Associate of Science Degree in 1998, with a focus on commercial aviation. In 2006 Kelly started working with with foster children. During this time she realized her love and enjoyment in helping others succeed and lead fulfilling lives, which lead her into working with the developmentally disabled community. 


Kelly started working with clients and local area brokerages in 2008. She worked one on one with clients, supporting them in reaching their contracted goals by getting out and exploring their community, making new friends, finding paid integrated employment and overall developing their independence. Because the demand for qualified providers was so high, she  decided to expand the business, and started Opportunities Unlimited, a state certified Medicaid Agency, in 2013. 


Kelly enjoys hiking, camping, kayaking, flying airplanes, skydiving, gardening, traveling, trying new food, volunteering at local animal shelters and homeless shelters, and spending time with her two sons and two dogs. 

Kelsey Rothwilson, Administrative Assistant/Supported Employment Specialist

Kelsey began her career working in a group home where she discovered her hidden passion for providing direct supports and working with people to reach their goals. From there she moved to a day program, where her passion continued to grow. Kelsey found herself working as a case manager for the day program and eventually moved on to be a Personal Agent at two different service support brokerages. After 10 years in the field, Kelsey has returned to her passion, providing direct and employment supports to individuals in the community. 


Kelsey spends her free time hanging out with her kids, camping, and hopes to one day raft down the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon. 

Chew-Chai Saephan, Community Support Specialist/Supported Employment Specialist/OU Shadow Team


Chew-Chai has worked for Opportunities Unlimited as a Community Support Specialist since 2015. She enjoys supporting her customers out in the community and working to reach their goals. One of her favorite things to do is participating in overnight camping trips with a group of customers and providers. Chew Chai is also a Career Development Specialist where she provides discovery supported employment. She finds this field wonderful and truly rewarding. 


During her free time, Chew Chai enjoys hiking, camping, cooking, traveling, learning to garden and practicing her photography. 

Chris Gunn, Community Support Specialist/Discovery Support Specialist/OU Shadow Team

Chris has worked at Opportunities Unlimited since February 2018. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Portland State University. He has worked in the field of evidence-based research with siblings in foster care at the Regional Research Institute. He has also worked at the education program at New Avenues for Youth as a proctor for students obtaining their high school G.E.D.s.


Chris loves music, reading, hiking, and going to the Oregon Coast.

Darlene Scott, Community Support Specialist

A native of San Diego, Darlene relocated to the Pacific Northwest last year seeking new adventures.  Equipped with a background in Special Education and Behavioral Sciences, Darlene has years of experience serving children and adults with various challenges. 


She enjoys reading, puzzles, photography, architecture, exploring new places and spending time with friends and loved ones, especially her beloved cat, Bluebelle.

Ella Dean, Community Support Specialist​

Ella is one of our newest Providers, she has been with OU since July of 2018! Ella provides a wide variety of supports based around in-home attendant care (cleaning, organizing and cooking) and Community Inclusion. Ella helps our customers by engaging them in community activities with peers. By doing this, Ella helps our customers gain friendships and familiarity within their community. 

Ella, received the OU Certificate of Appreciation in January of 2019, for providing outstanding service to all the customers she works with!

Gia Gilmour, Community Support Specialist 

Gia has worked for Opportunities Unlimited as a Community Support Specialist since 2015. She holds an Associate of Science Degree from Portland Community College, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health Education at Portland State University. She lives in Beaverton with her husband of 20 years. She has two daughters, two granddaughters, and two dogs. She also has a son who is a medical assistant, which he learned in the Navy.


Gia’s interests include photography, health education, movies, music, cooking, learning new skills/activities with customers, and exploring Portland and the surrounding areas.

Jasmine Gomez, Community Support Specialist

Jasmine has worked in the DD community for over 5 years in Corvallis! She has a passion for spending time outdoors and playing different sports. Additionally, through this passion she has volunteered as a coach for Special Olympics. She has coached, softball, and volleyball for 4 years.


Some of her other interests include hiking, fishing, and concerts. 


"I look forward to see where Opportunities Unlimited takes me."



Karla. H, Community Support Specialist​

Karla has been with Opportunities Unlimited since March of 2017! Karla plays an integral part in OU. She has been creative in hosting community events and getting her customers involved in art projects, beach trips, fishing, dances and more...

In October of 2017 Karla received the OU Certificate of Appreciation for her outstanding service with OU customers! 

Marcy. A, Community Support Specialist​

Marcy has been with OU since December of 2017. Marcy assist our customers in getting out in the community and participating in fun and enriching events, that teach our customers new skills and helps develop friendships. Marcy is very talented at helping our customers learn skills around the home, such as healthy cooking, budgeting and cleaning/organizing.

Nick Harrison, Community Support Specialist​

Nick graduated with a BA Degree from College of Art, Canterbury, England. He spent 20 years as a graphic designer in NYC. In 2012, he moved to Portland and started working with OU in 2014, primarily on a part time basis. Nick has four years of experience working and assisting customers achieve their goals, connecting with the DD Community, and assisting with independent living. He is very familiar with the DD Community network and usually works in organized group events.


Summer is Nick’s favorite time of the year for taking customers on group outdoor day trips and organized group overnight trips, for up to three days and two nights. These trips are essential in helping customers to learn about day to day life skills.

Ona. M, Community Support Specialist​

Ona has been with OU since October of 2016! Ona assists her customers with learning skills around home care and community inclusion. Ona is very goal oriented and helps her customers reach towards their desired goals and outcomes! 

Ona received the OU Certificate of Appreciation in April of 2018, for providing outstanding service to all the customers she works with!

Paul. M, Community Support Specialist/Lead Supported Employment Specialist

Paul has been with OU since June of 2016! Paul provides exceptional service to each customer he works with. Paul is currently our lead Supported Employment Professional. He provides services around finding integrated employment for our customers, and helping them maintain that employment through ongoing Job Coaching. 

Paul also works with customers around Community Inclusion and Activities of Daily Living, where he helps our customers learn new skills and develop friendships in their communities.

In February of 2018 Paul received the OU Certificate of Appreciation for providing outstanding customer service in the areas of Supported Employment and Community Inclusion. 

Denise Jones/Community Support Specialist

Denise got her bachelors degree in Agricultural Economics at the University of California at Davis.  She had a career in corporate retail management and for the last 14 years was an inventory planning manager at Hanna Andersson in Portland.  She moved to West Linn in 2003.  She lives there with her husband and dog, Dory.  Denise and her husband have 3 daughters.  Denise has spent time over the years volunteering as a mentor to Foster children and youth in recovery, a Girl Scout leader, a soccer coach, a yoga instructor, and with the National Charity League.  

Denise is a certified yoga instructor, specializing in trauma informed yoga.  She also enjoys cooking, hiking, gardening, ceramics, stained glass, spending time with friends, and trying all sorts of new things.

SARAH GARCIA/Community Support Specialist

I started my journey working with school age children, both one on one and in group settings. I developed a passion for helping others help themselves. I've found it helpful incorporating meditation in my daily practices and promoting mindfulness and critical thinking to those I work with. I've found success in this since 2013, both in my volunteering and in my work with the at risk youth in my community. In my spare time I enjoy anything outdoors I can do with my 2 dogs (Muffin and Dobby), baking, crafting, reading, and volunteering with farm animals.

Kyrah Dines/Community Support Specialist

Hi, I am Kyrah. Born and raised in Portland OR , I graduated from Grant High School in 2016. I have been on a journey to continue to self improve myself and skills. I'm currently a student at Concorde Institution, to be a Medical Assistant. I started working wit OU in 2019, I am interested in helping others reach their goals, which gives me motivation and satisfaction,  seeing others being successful. I love animals and being active outside, I love hiking, baking cookies, cleaning, learning new skills and trying new things.... I'm adventurous! My favorite hobbies are coloring, and planning ahead, I also like going to the movies.  I have experience with children and in the health care industry. I love helping the community and giving back. My favorite color is pink. Favorite food is fries.

Tammy Heuer/Community Support Specialist


Tammy is passionate about building connection, finding creative ways to support people in problem solving and exploring new ideas.   A long-time professional support for people building health and wellness tools, Tammy has spent over 20 years coaching, educating and exploring ideas with people to increase their capacity for well-being and resilience to stress.  Parenting, playing music, cooking and adventuring outdoors are favorite activities Tammy enjoys that incorporate play into daily life and learning.  

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Chelsey Heidenreich/Community Support Specialist

I have been working with clients with disabilities since 2015. My love for the position started while working as a direct support specialist, and have been lucky enough to work several positions in the assisted living field. I am currently attending college courses to complete my social work degree, I look forward to connecting with many clients and helping them reach their goals. My spare time is spent playing music, hiking, tennis, and starting new entrepreneurial adventures. 

Serving clients in Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas and Columbia Counties.



PO Box 55295 Portland OR. 97238