Nick Harrison Employee Spotlight!! Click here for the details.

Nick Harrison has worked for Opportunities Unlimited for 5 years! Nick's hobbies include traveling, riding motorcycles, and graphic design. Nick leaves little to be desired as a skills trainer, and is someone who cares deeply for the people he works with. Additionally, Nick puts his heart and soul into his job as a skills trainer/provider. Nick is one of the best people around, and he comes to work every day with a smile on his face and an excellent attitude. He is also a great role model, and mentor to many people in the Portland community as well.

Over the last year Nick has successfully helped his customer live a healthier life style by joining a gym, and teaching him how to cook healthy meals. Specifically, Nick joined the gym with his customer, and worked out with him every week for the last year. Further, Nick motivated him throughout this whole process, and to never give up on his goals! Nick did all this excellent work while also working with other customers to help achieve their goals as well.

Through this dedication in his work Nick assisted his client in losing over 100 pounds in one year! Nick is a very humble person and deserves this recognition as he is a positive light in this world to so many people including his many customers and co-workers. Additionally, Nick organizes many fun day outings, and camping trips for many of his customers and co-workers in this industry.

During his time at OU Nick has been recognized for the provider of the quarter award. Most recently Nick was voted in by his peers as a candidate for the provider of the year, award that is given by the Arc. Lastly, Nick leads by example, and motivates many others to follow in his footsteps of excellent work! Keep up the great work Nick! You are highly regarded.



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