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Virginia has been my provider, I believe now for over a year. I can honestly say, she is such a wonderful person and support to me! She has been so supportive, creative, fun, thoughtful, spunky, and goes above and beyond at her job. We work really well together! And it seems like it just gets better and better the longer I know her. She is very passionate about her job and the work she does with each and every client she has. It’s very important to her, that she is connecting with her clients and that their needs are getting met. She cares very deeply and it shows. I feel very lucky to have Virginia as my support 👍😀. And thank you for this opportunity to write a review 😀👍… Virginia is a Gem. --


Ella Dean has helped me in my life tremendously. She makes sure to get me and my baby to scheduled medical appointments. Additionally, she has helped with making sure that my baby gets the routine care, and recommended immunizations needed. I really depend on Ella, in many aspects of my life. I don’t have family members who can help me out. My child depends on me, and without Ella it would be very hard for me to make these appointments because of my disability.
Ella really makes my life less confusing. Since Ella has started working with me, I feel less frustrated and stressed out. I don’t think my kids deserve to have a Mom that’s constantly stressed out about things. To be the Mom I want to be I need Ella in my life, as I would feel lost without her.
Thank you, Ella, for everything you help us with, my family depends on you!

-Parents of OU customer

Opportunities Unlimited has been a lifesaver for our family. As aging parents of a daughter with special needs, we sought help for our daughter when we began to feel that we all needed some assistance. Kelly Payne was our daughter’s original provider and helped her with socialization, community interaction, personal safety, and housework. Since Kelly expanded her business, she has hired additional providers to continue with our daughter’s needs.
Kelly has hired people who are kind, caring, and respectful of the individual’s needs. Opportunities Unlimited is like an extended family, providing much needed assistance and support.
Many thanks.

-Kathy and John

We wish our daughters' provider could be a part of our daughters’ daily life more often. We depend on her to keep our daughter safe when she is having a behavioral episode that can sometimes result in dangerous or self-harming behavior. Yesenia helps with retrieving prescriptions and going to doctor’s appointments as well. She is invaluable to the family for the special bond of trust, respect and reliability that has been established. It would be very difficult to provide everything that Yesenia does. I still have a school aged child at home and responsibilities to our family business. I can’t help but think that my daughter’s quality of life would not be as rich as it is without Yesenia. My daughter is a happier person with Yesenia in her life and her confidence has grown incredibly in the past year.
Yesenia goes above and beyond for our family. She not only does the tasks that are assigned but will often ask if she can do more. She makes holidays special for our family. At Christmas, Yesenia gave our family thoughtful and generous gifts. On Valentine’s Day, she and my daughter made valentines to deliver to friends and family. She attends family functions like graduation, birthday dinners and birthday parties. She has also taken my daughter to dinner and shows. To our family, Yesenia is so much more than a provider. I home-school my youngest daughter and help run our family business. Yesenia has saved us on more than one occasion, making sure that she has taken the time to eat a meal or take her medication. She also makes sure that she does not run out of self-care items and will even take her shopping for clothes. While this may seem basic, often, these are the things that are overlooked due to a busy household. I have little doubt that Yesenia makes a lot of personal sacrifices so she can still do the job she loves. If we had to do with less of Yesenia’s help and presence, my daughter would be devastated.

​-Parents of OU customer

When we advertised for a support worker for my developmentally disabled son, I never thought we be so lucky to find Ismael. Immediately, he connected with Cole and I could tell Cole felt comfortable. Ismael had a many faceted role, we wanted him to help Cole with working out, community outings, independent living skills and more. As time went by Ismael often offered to help Cole pursue his interests, organize his college homework, and look for clubs on campus. Ismael was always available for our family to help Cole out as needed and provided companionship when we were away. Ismael introduced Cole to a group of other developmentally disabled adults and organized group outings and overnight trips to the coast. Cole really enjoyed these trips.
Ismael has done an excellent job working with Cole. Above everything he really cares for Cole and Cole him. That makes all the difference.

-Ann Wilson

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