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A Moment of Celebration!

I wanted to take a quick moment to share a real life example of the job developing world. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, however, nothing compares to the joy and excitement I have for one of our clients who just secured a job!

JC and I have been working together for the last 6 months (yes, you read that correctly) 6 months of job developing! During this time finding the perfect fit for JC seemed almost impossible. There were days both JC and I felt defeated. Job opportunities came and gone, phone calls went unanswered, emails probably went to the trash folder, and onsite visits turned into more disappointments. I spent many days trying to keep JC's spirits high. However, secretly, I spent just as many days trying to keep my own spirits high. The days grew longer and the list of job opportunities seemed to have shrunk. I promised JC that I would continue fighting the fight and that I wouldn't give up.

Then one day things started to change....

I was having dinner one night at Shine and I began having a conversation with the owner. We spent a lot of time talking about the business, how they operate, how they made it through the pandemic, and the process of making their own liquors in house. I was truly fascinated about the restaurant and how they were able to operate a distillery in the same space. After my dinner the owner gave me a tour of the distillery and walked me through the process. I asked him how many workers they had in the distillery and he said that they only have one worker, however, she was a little overwhelmed with the volume of orders coming in.

It then hit me…

I noticed that they were only hiring for bartenders and servers. However, after my tour of the distillery and conversation with the owner I then pitched the idea of hiring someone who can come in and provide extra support in the bottling, labeling, and packaging of the bottles.

He liked the idea, and so fast forward a few days and JC was hired for this role!

Left - Faith Lutz - Job Developer/Employment Coach

Right - Chris Vergnaud - Director of Supported Employment

Middle - JC - Client

Left - Chris Vergnaud - Director of Supported Employment

Right - JC - Client

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